How we grow Traditionally, but with the best advances

In Almegreen, we own 100.000 m2 of modern greenhouses, equipped with the most recent technologies that allow growing in a very sustainable way. Indeed, we hold a natural use of the resources, applying biological pest control which consists of taking advantage of natural mechanism in order to control plagues and we support zero residue products. Moreover,  our irrigation system prevents water waste and contributes to a better exploitation of plant nutrients. As a result, we obtain tomatoes with less water footprint.

However, what really makes our tomatoes so special is our family´s Know-How. We cultivate with passion, working according to the family values. Besides, in Almería, we enjoy a Mediterranean climate along the year which is widely beneficial for agriculture.

Grown with love

With the best water of Almería

In the best Spanish climate

With all the traditional techniques

Our target is looking for quality and costumer satisfaction. As a matter of fact, we have managed to specialize our tomatoes which are remarkable for their superior quality, their flavour and also for their fleshy pulp and authentic tomato scent.

Our tomatoes are certified by Global G.A.P. and Global G.R.A.P.S. Additionally, we are part of Food Chain Partnership project held by Bayer Spain.

Our tomato gourmet

Coeur de boeuf 

A very vigorous variety, with heart shaped and lines running down its skin, with the authentic tomato flavour.

Well-balanced, tasty and sweet.
Caliber GGG, GG y G.

Authentic tomato flavour.

Our tomato gourmet

Cuor di Rosabello

A very vigorous variety with good consistency. It has a characteristic pink color, compact appearance with traditional tomato taste and scent.

Unique aroma, texture, and flavour.
Caliber GGG, GG y G.

Characteristic pink color of its maturity

Almegreen, generationsgrowing with passion

Our unique climate makes this land a perfect place for tomato growing. Our greenhouses are lighted by the sun, since the sunrise over Cabo de Gata mountains until the nightfall on Almeria Bay.

100000 M2 of Greenhouses

We support innovation in order to farming in a sustainable way, optimizing local resources and  traditional cultivation.

Controlled irrigation systems:

Water is one of our most precious goods. Thanks to our controlled irrigation system, we manage to decrease our water consume more than a 20%, optimizing its use.

Qualified people:

The Almegreen human team is composed by persons that know the field and its management. We are defined by diversity too, combining experience and knowledge with young people´s enthusiasm.

Food Chain Partnership de Bayer:

We are part of Food Chain Partnership held by Bayer Spain.

We update you onthe most important

Traditional and family Greenhouses with the latest growing technologies.

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